Kriega Motorcycle Luggage & Accessories

Engineered to perform reliably season after season and thwart off the world's toughest conditions, Kriega makes some of the most durable motorcycle luggage available for hardcore riders. Backed by an unmatched 10-year warranty on all their packs, Kriega products are made to an unrivaled standard of quality with the finest materials.

The unique modular design of their dry bags allows for a multitude of combinations, affording Kriega dry packs the versatility to stack on one another. piggyback on Kriega motorcycle backpacks, or mount securely to the bike, adapting easily to fit the tail, tank or as saddlebags. Kriega waterproof motorcycle luggage solutions make it easy to add capacity and develop a luggage configuration that is perfect for your bike and your needs. Kriega also makes some of the most bombproof hydration packs available for adventure, dual sport and dirt riders, bike-specific luggage solutions for the Ducati Scrambler and other modern classics, as well as fork guards, waist packs, tool rolls, laptop and tablet storage, messenger bags and more!

Kriega US-20 Drypack
Kriega US-30 Drypack
Kriega R20 Backpack
Kriega US-10 Drypack
Kriega R25 Backpack
Kriega US-5 Drypack
Kriega Duo Saddlebags
$295.00 - $315.00
Kriega R35 Backpack
Kriega R15 Backpack
Kriega R30 Backpack