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Youth Motorcycle Jackets

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Don’t let Mother Nature dictate what is and isn’t “riding season.” A youth motorcycle jacket can easily counter cold temperatures and precipitation to keep your kid more comfortable in the face of wind, light rain and even snowfall. These motorcycle jackets are essential for boys and girls who want to stay warm and go on rides as the season just starts to open up or comes to a close.

Depending on where you live, each year brings a finite window of riding time. Cold-weather riding isn’t impossible -- if the right steps are taken. Having a windscreen and hand guards on your child’s motorcycle will certainly deflect some of the chill, but giving your boy or girl a proper motorcycle jacket is a huge help. RevZilla’s current selection of youth jackets for street, dirt, snow (and anything else you can throw at it) benefit from modern materials and stylish designs. Polyester shells and waterproof technology combine with thermal insulation, vents and internal pockets to keep things warm and dry where they need it most.

While you're here, be sure to check out our huge assortment of snow-specific gear. There are plenty of opportunities for crossover so something worn for extreme warmth on the mountain can easily make its way down to the street. These jackets for boys and girls also make great gifts for young riders in your family. Reach out to RevZilla’s crew of Gear Geeks who can help you make the right decision!