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Kids Motorcycle Boots

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Your child’s feet are barely a foot off the ground when riding. That’s not much in the way of clearance and it’s why a true kid motorcycle boot is the way to go. These boots for boys and girls are designed to deflect danger, absorb impact and prevent painful bends. The payoff for parents is a young rider who’s comfortable and confident even when the riding surface gets unpredictable. For a primer on boot sizing, check out our in-depth guide then work on finding the right set of children’s motorcycle boots.

Don’t let the bulky looks fool you; these children’s boots are going to fit right from day one. The initial break-in period will zip by and your kids will have a new favorite part of their riding kit. Thank the flexing toe boxes, multi-density soles and removable insoles that’ll help keep these boots feeling and smelling fresh (we’d also recommend a boot, glove and helmet dryer for a similar purpose.) When it comes to kid boots, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, too, and these biker boots have it in spades. We’re talking TPU shin plates, calf guards, rubber outsoles, toe caps and steel shanks. Ease of access comes from simple yet durable buckles and snaps that children can easily handle. We also encourage you to check out the socks on this page, too, as they’ve been designed with the rigors of riding in mind.

There’s simply no alternative to the purpose-built kid motorcycle boot. Decades of engineering expertise from leading brands combine to create a boot for boys and girls that’ll keep them riding longer and safer.