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So you have somewhere to go, and that somewhere is rugged. This is a great idea! Afterall, there is that whole “road less traveled thing,” that seems to have made pretty good sense over the years. In the case of Kenda Tires, it is kind of what they do best. Regardless of what you ride or where you want to end up, Kenda tires are designed to help facilitate the traction necessary to get you there. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been putting the work in to provide some of the best tires out there for those who like to make their way over, around, or through a variety of terrain. You name it, and Kenda has researched, designed, and manufactured tires for it. In taking their vast experience and putting it towards the construction of motorcycle tires, Dirt Bike Tires, scooter tires, and ATV tires, Kenda has developed an expansive selection for just about every outdoor mode of transportation.