Hotwired heated gear uses the latest ultra-fine micro alloy heating element technology to deliver consistent, even warmth to your entire body. The unique microwire heating elements are virtually undetectable within garment liners, reach maximum temperature in a matter of seconds and are strategically placed to distribute warmth most effectively. Hotwired heated clothing is designed to be interconnected with other Hotwired heated garments and accessories to easily customize your heated gear setup to suit your needs.

The Hotwired Heated Jacket Liner 2.0 is pre-wired to accept either Hotwired Heated Gloves or Hotwired Heated Glove Liners, both of which have integrated, independent temperature control. With the addition of a Hotwired Y-Connector, the Hotwired Heated Jacket Liner can be paired to the Hotwired Pants Liner, which in turn are pre-wired to connect with the Hotwired Heated Insoles.