With a racing pedigree that stretches back to the 70’s, Hindle Exhaust has been a North-American race-track mainstay for the better part of 4 decades. The focus has always been performance above all else, and that dedication hasn’t wavered.Today, Hindle Exhaust offers some of the best horsepower-per-dollar exhaust systems in the aftermarket. Hindle is able to crank out unrestricted, hi-flow stainless steel pipes that consistently increase performance through their continual involvement in grassroots racing and their Mom & Pop shop-level attention over every tier of production. Their operation is completely in house, from research and design through manufacture, in their Ontario, Canada headquarters. 

Hindle Exhaust

Hindle Exhaust Headers
$175.00 - $769.00
Hindle Evolution Exhaust Sound Insert
Universal Fit Part
Hindle Evolution Slip-On Exhaust
$369.99 - $1,119.98
Hindle Evolution Exhaust System
$464.99 - $1,158.99