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Gerbing 7v Battery & Coreheat Apparel

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Forget what it's like to shiver on your bike with 7v Battery tech from Gerbing. The cold is merciless, but you'll never be at its mercy with reliable Gerbing 7v battery-powered clothing. As long as you have traction, you can ride with products like Gerbing 7v heated socks. There is a lot to consider as you shop for heated clothing, and Gerbing checks all the critical boxes with powerful tech, reliable heating elements and wear-resistant features. You'll also have to decide between 12v and 7v power sources, which we'll break down below. So let's dive deeper into the Gerbing 7v system!

Game-Changing Microwire Design

Gerbing's Microwire tech is a game-changer for heated riding apparel. Instead of relying on inferior copper wire like many competitors, Gerbing utilizes conductive filaments -- each the size of a human hair. Microwire heats up far faster than copper, and it offers superior durability so your gear will last longer. Speaking of toughness, apparel like 7v heated gloves are built with numerous microscale reinforcement layers so they'll last season after season. Four temperature levels, from low to extreme, can reach heating temperatures up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit and last up to 8 hours depending on the power setting. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up, so you can get back on the road in no time. Once you're back home, plug in the rechargeable lithium ion 7v battery to get ready for your next ride. Learn more on how the gear works with this video review on the Coreheat7 gloves.

12v vs. 7v Battery Tech

What are the advantages of a Gerbing 7v Battery over 12v counterparts? Gear like Gerbing heated socks 7v are versatile and can be used away from your bike at other events. This provides some added value outside of rides for scenarios like outdoor games, hunts, cold weather work and so on. In addition, 7v tech is better for older bikes and those concerned about voltage. The higher-voltage heated tech must be run off your bike, which doesn't work for every rider.

However, there are some drawbacks to the portable design. First, you can only use it so long before a recharge. Having to factor for the duration that a Gerbing 7v battery lasts may result in riders running the gear at lower power settings. Thus, they might miss out on the "wow" factor that cranked-up heated clothing provides. The 7v gear is also not quite as warm as 12v, and it is wise to temper expectations as to what portable heated gear like Gerbing heated socks 7v can do. No, this is not like propping your feet up next to a roaring fire! This said, Gerbing heated gear is a great way to cut the chill, extend rides and stay mobile. Learn more about your options in this comprehensive guide on our Common Tread blog.