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Gerbing 12v Hybrid Battery, Charger Kit & More

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No weather advisory is going to keep your bike in the garage so grab heated gear like the Gerbing 12v Hybrid Battery & Charger Kit and make that ride more enjoyable! For more than 45 years, Gerbing has focused solely on heated gear development. They're so good at it, the US Department of Defense is a regular customer. See the thing is, the faster you ride, the colder you feel. Gear like the Gerbing 12v Heated Jacket Liner will counteract this annoying and sometimes dangerous condition. As long as you have traction, you can ride with Gerbing gear and RevZilla is your destination for heated clothing and accessories like Gerbing 12v Vanguard Heated Gloves. Stay in control and don't let Mother Nature distract you when the temperatures dip.

Gerbing's Microwire Heating Technology

The secret to riding comfort is in Gerbing 12v Battery technology. The patented Microwire heating system utilizes thousands of filaments as thin as human hair to warm up clothing in just four seconds. Competitors often use copper wire that is less durable and takes longer to warm up. The Microwire system is then tied to the world's warmest and longest-lasting Gerbing 12v Battery platform. Cutting-edge power and distribution systems create heat in the key areas where you need it the most. This can make all the difference between numb hands and normal articulation. Plus, you can adjust temp settings all the way up to 135°F in two different heat zones with the Gerbing 12v Wireless Dual Temp Remote. This makes it easy to pump more heat to your hands and less to your jacket so you're always dialed in for max comfort. Learn more about precision adjustment in this video review.

Gerbing 12v Vanguard Heated Gloves are Optimized for Protection

While focused on staying warm as you ride, Gerbing has your back with innovative protection features. Gerbing 12v Vanguard Heated Gloves sport high-impact TPU floating knuckle protection to resist impacts. Superfabric reinforcements on the palms and edge seams ensure the gloves will last season after season. Even the Gerbing 12v Heated Jacket Liner that sits under your riding jacket is built tough with a Ripstop nylon shell. Just need to replace your Gerbing 12v Hybrid Battery & Charger Kit? RevZilla has all the gear to keep you toasty. Check out our Gerbings Buyers Guide for more information.