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FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen Pants, Jerseys & Gloves

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You're destined to soar down the track, and FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen pants, jerseys and more will help you touch the sky. The thing about quality race gear like the FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen jersey is it shouldn't feel like it's even there. This allows you to focus solely on the action. That said, the FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen series works hard while you tear up the track. FLY Hydrogen gear is optimized to be extremely light, and it's packed with ventilation features to keep you cool under pressure. FLY is constantly updating their apparel with feedback from racers, and you can feel the refinement in products like FLY Racing Lite pants. Climb the ranks with the stylish FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen series and make those dreams come true!

It's All About Competition

FLY Lite gear is optimized for one thing – competition. Its extremely lightweight design is perfectly matched to the track, but this optimization does come with a downside. You don't want to use the FLY Lite gear series as your go-to trail clothing because it doesn't have the abrasion resistance needed for that application. That doesn't mean you can't sneak out on a ride with it, but trail-dedicated riders are better off with a line like FLY Racing F-16 Series. Learn more about the entire FLY Racing series with our video review.

FLY Hydrogen Gear: Zero Distractions

From head to toe, the core focus of FLY Hydrogen gear is to eliminate any distractions. It does this in two ways; first, items like the FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen jersey are optimized to keep you cool and comfortable. Moisture-wicking Polyester fabric and laser-perforations throughout the garment ensure the only sizzling thing is your tail pipe. Next, an athletic fit keeps the apparel tight to your body, while articulated sleeves prevent any snags as you turn. FLY Racing Lite Hydrogen pants have another comfort surprise in store with the BOA Fit System. This allows you to quickly jump in and out of your race pants without the need for zippers or buckles. Leather heat shield panels reinforced with Kevlar stitching in the FLY Racing Lite pants ensure you achieve that tight fit with the bike without feeling uncomfortable. The FLY Racing Lite gloves complete the look and are packed with comfort features of their own, like Spandex mesh finger sidewalls and silicone finger grippers.

FLY Racing Women's Lite Pants & Jersey: The Fit You Deserve

Since a contoured, athletic fit is so important to the Lite series, the company steps things up in FLY Racing Women's Lite pants and jerseys. The FLY Racing Women's Lite jersey and pant are anatomically-fitted to the female form without sacrificing any of the features outlined above. This isn't some men's cut sized down; the FLY Racing Women's Lite pants get everything right so there are zero distractions. Products like the FLY Racing Women's Lite Jersey have unique graphics to choose from as well. Even Women's FLY Racing Lite Gloves are anatomically fitted. Get ready to take the circuit by storm!