Are you making the number one mistake of amateur sport and track riders? The secret is no secret at all - body position is everything. Eazi-Grip tank pads were specifically designed to allow you hang off the bike further and with more confidence than you thought possible. The further you get your center of mass below your lean angle, the faster you can go - simple as that. Eazi-Grip tank pads will get you to the next level faster, easier, and with more confidence. Eazi-Grip products are widely used and acclaimed by professional riders in the World Superbike, British Superbike and Supersport Championships. 

Eazi-Guard protective film kits by Eazi-Grip are designed for protecting not only your motorcycle’s paint and clearcoat from debris, but actually dispersing energy from larger stones and cinders, preventing any denting or chipping of your bodywork. Eazi-Guard is so clear it is barely noticeable once installed and easily pays for itself in retained resale value, should you ever part with your showroom-new condition creampuff.

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Eazi-Grip EVO Sheet
2 colors available Universal Fit Part
Eazi-Grip Pro Tank Pads
$44.96 - $57.95 $49.95 10% Off MSRP
Eazi-Grip EVO Tank Pads
$42.95 - $49.95