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Ducati Foot Controls & Pegs

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Connect yourself to the bike with Ducati foot controls and pegs available now from RevZilla. The act of riding a motorcycle is all about feedback — you are connected to your bike through the seat and controls. Every input you give is transferred and thus, the motorcycle reacts to your will accordingly. In return, the bike tells you about road conditions, grip and speed. It's why we suggest you heighten your sensitivity with Ducati footpegs and foot controls. 

This relationship between you, the bike and the road can be enhanced with high-quality controls. Ducati footpegs that are hard-mounted without a hinge give a feeling of a solid connection, especially with aggressive riding. Leaning into a turn and then feeling your foot peg scrape and pivot up can be unsettling to say the least. Replace the factory foot pegs with aftermarket rearsets or new Ducati foot pegs for better riding feedback.