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Conventional Motorcycle Oil

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When riders talk about “conventional motorcycle oil,” they mean tried-and-true lubrication that’s best for their bike. This is the stuff that’s been around for ages and sitting underground for a bit longer than that. If you want a product that’s going to keep your engine happy without breaking the bank, conventional motor oil is where it’s at. We know there’s a world of different weights and the whole “motorcycle oil synthetic vs. conventional” debate to factor for when shopping. We’d thus encourage you to get caught up on that here, then find the right oil for the job on this page.

Conventional Mineral Oils

If you’re between a rock and a hard place trying to pick the best conventional oil for your ride, it’s actually a good spot to be in. You’re doing due diligence as you search for something that’s going to keep gears, clutch and camshaft lobes spinning without sacrificing any slipperiness. Once extracted and refined, conventional oil is treated to a recipe of additives that’ll keep it viscous at high heat and resist foaming. That’s good news for guys and gals who like to ride their bike hard (and get bang for the buck elsewhere). A more viscous, higher weight mineral oil like 20w50 can help protect older worn-in engines while a lighter  blend is great for hot weather.

At the end of the day, the best conventional motorcycle oil is the one that is suggested by the manufacturer, meets your mechanical expectations and lands within the price point you need to hit. RevZilla is proud to offer a huge selection of oils from leading brands so pick out what you need and grab the right oil filter for your bike while you’re at it.