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The best reader comments of 2017

Dec 07, 2017

You read that right. Best comments. 

Here are some of our favorite reader comments from a year’s worth of keyboard-pounding, post-clicking commentary on motorcycle commentary. In the interest of full disclosure, the categories are unorthodox, the scoring is totally subject to our warped senses of humor, everything’s made up, and the upvotes don’t matter. We'll send a little ZillaCash to everyone whose comments were chosen.

Best backfire

Harley’s Softail launch was one of the most discussed topics this year in the Common Tread comment sections. Reactions ranged from “Never have been a Harley guy, but I just changed my mind!” to “You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you!” One detractor tried to place the blame on generational changes, but fell prey to the Backfire Effect.

Best Backfire. RevZilla photo.
Best Backfire. RevZilla photo.

@Врач Корњачин, I have no clue how to say your name, but Добар посао. In a textbook application of The ‘Ol Switcheroo, Whineception was stopped before it got out of hand and crashed our servers. Enjoy your Zilla-готовина. Is that how you say “cash”?

Most rational exchange

Have I mentioned that topics like lane splitting get people fired up? Both sides regularly make their points on our pages, but arguments are an integral part of discussing stuff on the internet. Common Tread is no exception. Why not celebrate a well debated thread? Exhibit A: @Michael Helmick and @Michael Pilar had a wholesome and thoughtful conversation about a controversial point. 

Most Rational Exchange. RevZilla photo.
Most Rational Exchange. RevZilla photo.

The last time I read an exchange that civil, Socrates was involved. Bravo, Michaels. 

Best One-Liner

What’s a Best Comments article without an award for the zinger that zung the most? A brief note: Lemmy grabbed this screenshot when the comment first appeared, but @jason mclane has since created a new account. Please use your best inductive reasoning to meld @jason mclane's comment with the screenshot below. 

Best One-Liner, Part 1. RevZilla photo.
Best One-Liner, Part 1. RevZilla photo.

Best One-Liner, Part 2. RevZilla photo.

Additional ZillaCash to @Piglet for his contributions. If you don't know who Johnny Rock Page is, please acquaint yourself

Worst bedside manner

@Chris showed up in the Street 750 article seeking consolation after his Harley gave him a lemon experience, despite his best efforts to care for the bike. @Derek Jones provided a response, but not much of a shoulder to lean on. 

Worst Bedside Manner. RevZilla photo.
Worst Bedside Manner. RevZilla photo.

The award for least sympathetic response goes to @Derek Jones and another to @jz78817 for marveling at the brutality.

Best comment 

In the aftermath of our Best Turkeys of 2017 article comes, out of nowhere, a dark horse user. Comment history shows one and only one post. In response to Lemmy calling the Speed and Strength Comin’ In Hot Yoga pants a turkey, we received this masterpiece. Consider the mic dropped. 

Speed and Strength perfection. RevZilla photo.

Outstanding, Speed and Strength. I bought one of your moto shirts today to say thanks for the laugh. And the more I think about a Kevlar Pajama Getup, the more I like the idea…

That wraps up our top comments from 2017. In this year alone, Common Tread articles drew more than 23,000 comments. That's insane, and even with our entire team reading, there's no way we could cover all of them. If you know of comment greatness we overlooked, please let us know.

On behalf of everyone at Common Tread and, thanks for being so active in our community and keeping us laughing, screenshotting and shaking our heads.