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Common Tread

What went wrong? Riding mistakes, mishaps, and misadventures

Feb 06, 2021

In motorcycling circles, you’ll often hear well meaning advice along the lines of “It’s not if, but when, you’ll drop or crash your bike.”

I’m not so sure that’s true. There must be plenty of mature, responsible, and mildly lucky riders out there who’ve never rashed up their bikes or bodies... Good for them! The Highside/Lowside hosts, on the other hand, are all too familiar with mistakes and consequences, the topic of this newest episode. 

Riding a motorcycle involves all kinds of risk. Sometimes that risk is rewarding (a very technical road), annoying (forgot your waterproofs at home), or outright dangerous (a distracted driver carelessly merging). Our motorcycling careers should be much longer if we respect risk. 

That said, anything can happen once the kickstands are up. Lessons will be learned. As another well meaning motorcyclist once told me, “Life’s too short to make all the mistakes yourself.” Sharing our shortcomings and experiences will hopefully help other riders to avoid the same pitfalls, even if that means a few jokes at the storyteller’s expense. Have you made any of the same mistakes as Spurgeon, Joe, or Zack? Listen in to their hour-plus discussion about what went wrong and why riders need to be honest with themselves.

Listen to Highside / Lowside

As usual, the podcast version of Spurgeon, Zack, and Lance’s discussion is available for your listening pleasure. Highside / Lowside is available via Spotify, Apple iTunes, Stitcher, and LibSyn for those with accounts.