Common Tread

Video: Trials bike vs. igloo

Dec 19, 2014

In Red Bull's latest attempt to take over the internet and be the sole provider of all things awesome and weird, they threw trials legend Dougie Lampkin into a hotel made completely of ice. 


Because trials riders are awesome and make the rest of us mere mortals feel inferior both in skill and experience. Also, because it's awesome.

Unlike most of these videos, which get my adrenaline pumping and make me want to go hop on a bike, this one is strangely relaxing and peaceful. That may be because I have absolutely zero desire to go out and try this.

For those of you wondering, the hotel is Snow Village, a 28-room hotel complete with restaurant, chapel, and snow dome. Built in Finland, where temperatures hover around the -10 degree range, it was constructed using 33 million pounds of snow and 660,000 pounds of ice.

So that's a roller coaster in Mexico and an ice hotel in Finland. We'll send a ZLA shirt to whoever can accurately guess the scenario for the next Red Bull Film.