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Video: A motorcycle with a Lamborghini V-12?

Nov 30, 2016

Here are three things I've never said about a motorcycle:

  1. A Boss Hoss would be better if it only had 50 percent more cylinders.
  2. I bet steering a motorcycle would be more fun if the linkage from the handlebar to the front axle was longer than the wheelbase of my sister's Yamaha Vino 125.
  3. When building a custom motorcycle with an Italian engine, the first option to come to mind is a Lamborghini.

Then again, maybe that's why I've never built a bike that anyone's interested in. Chuck Beck, who is better known for building cars than motorcycles, has built a lot of stuff that people find interesting. He was starting his own company building kit cars when I was struggling to pay the bills at my first job and Lemmy was still kicking the slats out of his crib in frustration for not being able to ride yet.

As he explains in this video, he got a Lamborghini V-12 engine from a friend and it was just sitting around, so he decided to bolt it between two wheels and make a motorcycle of it.

Beck first built the bike a couple of years ago, but then it just had a rudimentary tank and a clunky seat. More recently, he added the bodywork (what looks like saddlebags are really shrouds around the rear-mounted radiators) and gave the bike looks to match its audacity.

What says the ZLA collective? Hopeless monstrosity or way cooler than a Dodge Tomahawk because it actually exists and because V-12 is greater than V-10?