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Video: Reviving an ice-racing event in Milwaukee for a cause

Jan 16, 2018

What do you do when it's too icy to ride your motorcycle? Race your motorcycle on ice, naturally.

Ice racing is an old tradition that lets northern motorcyclists get some time behind the handlebar in the dead of winter, and that tradition used to happen on the lake at WIlson Park in Milwaukee. But 31 years had passed since the last time motorcycles raced in the park. Ron Brefka changed that this past weekend, not just for a good time, but also for a good cause.

Brefka is not only the organizer of the High Voltage Motorcycle Show, but he's also a cancer survivor. The money collected from entry fees for the weekend's racing and donations from the spectators who showed up (Brefka estimated "thousands" came) went to support pancreatic cancer research. You can see a video report and written story by a local television station here. Then watch the videos below for more. This video by FreestyleSupermoto includes both aerial shots and on-bike racing shots.

Here's another local video.

Having personally watched the temperature drop from 58 degrees to 18 degrees in less than two days and the snow pile up outside, I know that sometimes you just need a motorcycle video to watch.