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Common Tread

Video: Reunited with his motorcycle after 60 years

Nov 30, 2020

Here at Common Tread, we're suckers for videos about people reunited with long-lost motorcycles.

Maybe it's because, like so many other riders, many of us have a story about the one we wish we hadn't sold. We've posted a few videos, from the Hollywood stunt rider restoring his father's motorcycle, the one that hooked him on riding, to the surreptitious restoration of a Yamaha Maxim Midnight Special.

Here's a video of a 90-year-old man reunited with his motorcycle 60 years after he had to leave it behind to cross the ocean and start a new life. Two things that struck me, though they weren't surprising: how moved he was to see it again after a lifetime apart and how quickly he spotted the non-stock part added during the restoration, even though he hadn't seen his old DKW in 60 years.

Full credit to our friends at Backroads magazine for pointing me toward this one. If you haven't subscribed to their weekly e-mail newsletter, "The Backroads Report," you can do so on their subscriptions page. They must spend a lot of time surfing the web, because every Saturday morning I find some surprises in their e-mail, most of which have nothing to do with the magazine and some of which don't even have anything to do with motorcycles, but are usually interesting.