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Video: 12 o'clock boys on the West Coast

Jul 09, 2015

It seems Baltimore isn't the only place with a dirtbike problem. Or is it that Pug and the rest of his 12 O'clock boy buddies are teaching some bad habits?

Either way, 12 o'clock boy culture has come to San Francisco and the police can't seem to do anything about it.

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Part of me is surprised it's taken this long for this to happen. Police officers in congested cities like San Francisco have very strict no-chase policies because of the increased dangers to pedestrians, which often means their hands are completely tied. All that leaves them with are license plates to try to track down... if there even is a plate.

The news article would like to have you believe that the police are still in control and, in the end, will be able to put a stop to this sort of behavior. Most of me thinks this is a pretty desperate attempt to scare stunters and likely won't work, which begs the question: what will? And for any of you Bay Area riders, just how prevalent is this?