Common Tread

Support legal lane-splitting

Dec 22, 2014

I know, signing a petition may be a total waste of time, but what else are you doing for the next five minutes? Watching one of the crazy videos that Sean posts?

(I admit, that would be more entertaining, but it's not going to change even our small scrap of the world, either.)

There's a petition at asking the federal government to make lane-splitting by motorcycles legal in all 50 states, not just in California. I'm asking you to sign it.

Lane-splitting is common practice in most of the world, and I am a strong believer that, done responsibly and legally, it is beneficial to everyone on the roads. My opinion is based on many years and miles of lane-sharing and, more important in my mind, filtering to the front of traffic clusters at urban stoplights.

I've seen some heated debates over the merits of lane-splitting on some motorcycle forums. There is always a minority of riders against it. But as we recently reported, a study done by the University of California at Berkeley found that it's not a dangerous practice, if done responsibly.

Here's the key. We're trying to make it legal, not mandatory. If you prefer to sit in stopped traffic on your motorcycle, you'll be free to continue doing so.

Will this petition get us anywhere? I admit, probably not. But I think signing it is the right step to take, anyway.

It's time for the United States to adopt the same common-sense policy most of the world follows. So just sign the petition. Please. Thank you.