Common Tread

The Russian Tarus two-wheel-drive motorcycle that can go anywhere

Apr 25, 2014

What's the ultimate hooligan bike? Maybe a KTM 690 SMC R? Does a KTM 690 SMC R have two-wheel-drive for climbing the stairs of bombed-out post-apocalypse buildings? No?

What about the ultimate go-anywhere bike? Maybe a Baja winner like the Honda CRF450X. Can you carry it when it can't carry you? Can it float for fording rivers and streams? Can you dismantle it and stow it in the trunk of your car in two suitcases when you're done riding? No? Then it can't really go anywhere, can it?

That brings us to this video of a Russian two-wheel-drive motorcycle that can do all of the above. Really, no further comment from us is necessary.