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Polaris buys snow-bike brand Timbersled

May 12, 2015

Polaris is officially the off-road/weird-thing-with-a-motor company, purchasing snow-bike manufacturer Timbersled for an undisclosed sum.

The Timbersled joins the RZR, Ranger, Ace, Rush, Switchback, RMK, Indy, Gem, and Slingshot as Polaris alternatives to riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

If the Timbersled was an awesome concept and product when it was just a small company from Idaho, getting acquired by Polaris only adds credibility.

“We are excited to add the Timbersled brand and team to Polaris’ strong snowmobile business. Timbersled has created a compelling product and revolutionized the sport of snow biking, and we are excited to see what they can accomplish with access to Polaris’ considerable engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities,” said Scott Wine, Polaris Chairman & CEO.

Timbersled HQ will remain in Idaho and will continue to operate as a distinct brand.

I can't wait to review this thing. Timbersled photo.

“We look forward to working with Polaris to take our product, customer relationships and the sport to the next level,” said Allen Mangum, President of Timbersled.

I have to imagine Polaris has more in mind than just letting Timbersled continue as they have, and I can't wait to see how they use this in conjunction with their snowmobile line. I didn't think I'd be saying this so soon, but when can it be winter again?