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Mountain Horse Snow Bike Kit: Take back winter

Feb 12, 2015

Winter sucks. It's cold, the roads are wet and slick, and the days are short — and that's just in Southern California, where it only drops to 50 degrees and rains three times a year.

Many of you live in places where winter is a real thing and you even have that frozen white stuff. Now, I'm not sure why anyone would choose to live somewhere like that, but I'm told that many of you do.

Despite your poor decision making, I love you anyway, which is why I bring you the Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion kit from a company called Timbersled. They offer a variety of kits, each taking your dirtbike from hydrophobic to hydrophilic for between $5,000 and $7,000. The kits come assembled and, we're told, are pretty easy to install.

Is it still called a wheelie if it's on a track? Timbersled photo.

They come in three versions: the short track, long track, and snow cross. The short track is the standard kit and is best for most conditions, while the long track is better if you live in an area with tons of deep snow or get a lot of powder. The snow cross is designed for hard-pack conditions and snow.