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Podcast: How many bikes is too many? HSLS Season 6 premiere!

Aug 27, 2022

It starts with one harmless motorcycle. “Yeah, I like it, but I also want to get into (insert other riding style).” Now there are two motorcycles. “Yeah, I like them, but I also want to try…” Next thing you know, you've got motorcycle fever, and the only cure is more motorcycles. 

So how many bikes is too many? Is there such a thing as too many motorcycles? Spurgeon and Zack are back on the mics as the RevZilla team kicks off the sixth season of Highside/Lowside. In this episode, the gents are joined by special guest Patrick Garvin, a serial motorcycle builder and buyer who seemingly has no fear of owning too many bikes. 

Beyond having so many motorcycles that you don’t ride all of them, or so many that you can’t afford to keep them on the road, I think the real limit is space. Any more than three motorcycles per garage bay is too many, because it becomes awfully inconvenient to move bikes around or work on them. That hasn’t stopped me from breaking my own rule over and over again. I’m just warning others who haven’t gone too far yet.

The guys also discuss Ural’s move out of Russia to Kazakhstan and debrief after returning from the Get On! Adventure Fest in Sturgis, South Dakota. So, get comfortable, grab some snacks, and watch the latest HSLS, or give it a listen below. 

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As usual, the podcast version of Spurgeon and Zack's discussion is available via SpotifyApple iTunesStitcher, and LibSyn for those with accounts.