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News: Kawasaki Ninja H2 Street revealed and H2R Track Video

Oct 06, 2014

Just when you thought your week was safe from more "Ninja H2" headlines, Kawasaki releases a video showing the H2 and H2R side by side, as well as another video of the H2R undergoing testing on the track. 

The video shows track-only Ninja H2R, unveiled at INTERMOT last week, sitting next to the street version Kawasaki Ninja H2. In the silhouette of the H2, we can see twin-stacked exhaust cans, a rear mudguard, and a license plate holder. The wings have also been replaced with actual mirrors with signals built in and the fairing and front windscreen get what appear to be slightly different shapes.

The video ends with "4 November, 2014 EICMA," which is when we expect to see the H2 released, though Kawasaki said the H2R will be present at AIMExpo in two weeks.

Then, we have the following video, which was added to Kawasaki's teaser site for the H2 and H2R, showing the H2R being ridden on Kawasaki's test track, Autopolis, in Japan.

VisorDown also had some screenshots of some very interesting Instagram posts from test riders Jeremy Toye and Derek Keyes, implying that the bike does "quite a bit faster than 210 mph." That poor bird. 

Looks like the EICMA rumor mill is starting early this year. Check back in often for more updates.