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Kawasaki Ninja H2 update: The countdown begins

Sep 23, 2014

Kawasaki's newest video, released late Friday afternoon, confirms the Ninja H2 is supercharged. This has started a whirlwind of rumors about how much power it makes. 

A few sites are reporting leaks suggesting the 1,000 cc inline-four engine is accurate and that it makes 225 horsepower. There is even talk that Kawasaki is about to be the first to break the industry's "gentlemen's agreement" of keeping bikes limited to a 186 mph top speed, which could make sense in light of the impending Ducati Panigale 1299.

The story gets really interesting when these rumors are examined a little closer. Multiple sites are reporting getting some fishy vibes regarding the source of the leak, and Jensen Beeler over at Asphalt & Rubber even went so far as to track the IP addresses of his leakers back to the same company that owns Nothing like some smoke and mirrors and a little mystery to enhance an already sexy release.

Kawasaki photo.

Other rumors include electronic aids, including 10 different power modes, a steel trellis frame, and advanced ABS, as well as talk that there will be a race version making power somewhere in the 300 horsepower neighborhood. All of which would seem a little crazy, if my own inside sources hadn't mentioned the steel trellis frame and there being a $50,000-ish H2R version.

The next video is due for release tomorrow, with the bike scheduled to be announced just a week from today at INTERMOT.