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News Cycles: April 27, 2018

Apr 27, 2018

Welcome to this week's News Cycles, Common Tread’s roundup of what’s happening on our servers and everywhere else. Every Friday, look for a collection of news, stories, and all things moto from around the web. This week: Ténéré 700 spied in Milan, an incriminating vanity plate, and Elspeth Beard's birthday. 

Spotted: Yamaha Ténéré 700 testing

Yamaha’s T7 concept, aka the Ténéré World Raid, aka the Ténéré 700, was spotted testing in Milan. Yamaha wrapped the bike in black to hide it from us, which means it’s either as beautiful as we hope or too hideous to show in public. Pull the wraps off, Yamaha. People want to see this bike.

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2019 Yamaha Tenere 700, maybe. photo.

Er, what? Ford has a patent for a car that deploys a motorcycle

Ford spent actual money locking down this idea: a car that births a scooter… from the center console? Good luck to Ford if they ever decide to do anything with this, since there’s no way it’ll be cooler than the original and best bike-in-a-car, the Honda Motocompo.

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When a C-Max loves a Burgman... image.

Tires: The original traction control

Spurgeon knows a thing or two about when tires have traction, when they don’t, and why. If you’d like to learn more about how tires work on road, off road, and even in between, give his article a look.

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Knowing how tires work separates the right tire for the job from a compromise. Spurgeon Dunbar photo.

Man allegedly steals motorcycle, changes license plate to… XFELON

So you’ve just stolen a Ducati. Keeping a low profile is now priority, because someone wants it back. Changing the plates might help throw the police off your trail... unless you swap it out for a vanity plate that just draws more attention.

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Subtle. Register Guard photo.

24 Hours of Le Mans Results: F.C.C. TSR Honda Takes Historic Win

For the first time, a Japanese team (the riders, not the bikes) won the 24 Hours event at Le Mans. Watch FIM’s highlight/recap reel of the grueling race and read more here.

Travel back in time to see motorcycling in the early Internet

The Wayback Machine is the best free time machine out there. Set the clock for the late 1990s and visit motorcycling on the World Wide Web 20 years ago. Flash Player download not included. 

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Party like it's Y2K. Screenshot of via Internet Archive.

Short video: Elspeth Beard – Riding into History

Tomorrow is Elspeth Beard’s birthday. We’ve previously covered her incredible journeys on Common Tread  and reviewed her book, but here’s a little celebration put together by Culture Trip. Happy birthday, Elspeth!

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