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News Cycles: April 20, 2018

Apr 20, 2018

Welcome to News Cycles, Common Tread’s roundup of what’s happening on our servers and everywhere else. Every Friday, look for a collection of news, stories, and all things moto from around the web. This week, an LA exhibit of custom's best bikes, a man running into a burning garage, and Spurgeon camping badly.

Los Angeles: avant-garde (motorcycles) in the gallery

Headed to L.A. any time this year? The Petersen Automotive Museum just opened its newest exhibit, Custom Revolution, this week. The show "gathers the most avant-garde and influential custom motorcycles from independent builders around the world. These young mavericks push the creative edges of motorcycle design, using both new and old engines, new and old chassis ideas, and truly innovative styling." The show runs for a year, and Custom Revolution is included with a $16 general admission ticket.

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See Ronin Motorworks' "Ōishi Yoshio" and others at the Petersen over the next year. After that, the builders probably want their bikes back. Ted7 photo.

Triumph North America’s ATLAK Tour, (maybe) coming to a city near you

Triumph’s heading from Atlanta to Alaska (ATLAK) on a tour to reach out to ADVers of all levels, providing Tigers, food, gear, and what they’re calling “campfire discussions” about all kinds of adventure topics. By June, they’ll have reached their stop in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, where you might see some Zillans. Check out their site to see if the ATLAK crew will be coming to town near you. 

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Contributor Chris Cope atop a Tiger 800. Triumph photo.

ICON 1000: Dos Trackers

ICON likes to shred on bikes. We like to shred on bikes, and watch other people shredding on bikes. Don’t watch if you can’t handle yet another teased Indian flat-tracker. Can’t they just build the thing already?

What would you do for your motorcycle?

After escaping a home fire, a Detroit man ran back into his burning garage… to save his Harley. A sheriff’s deputy arriving on the scene watched the man dash back into the flames, then was injured by falling debris in an attempt to pull him back to safety. The rider suffered a burned forehead, but refused to go to the hospital, where they wouldn’t have been able to heal his real injury, anyway.

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Yamaha: Not terribly pleased with the Ninja 400 in WorldSSP300 racing

The opening race of the 2018 FIM Supersport 300 World Championship left Yamaha and others feeling discouraged, as the new Kawasaki Ninja 400s swept eight of the top 10 spots at Aragon. The popular Ninja 400 is shaking up small-bore racing classes, and other manufacturers are anxious to see revised restrictions for the newcomer.

Don’t stand so close to me: Recall for ghost-starting Indians

Indian issued a recall this week for over 3,000 2018 model bikes due to a little problem: engines can start by themselves. Corrosion in the starter switch can cause a short. When the bike’s key fob is simply nearby, the short allows the bike to fire up without a rider. Hopefully you didn’t leave it in gear or an enclosed garage.

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It just wants to go for a ride. Can you blame it? 2018 Indian Chief. Indian photo.

How not to go moto camping

Life’s too short to make all the mistakes yourself. Instead, learn from Spurgeon’s moto-camping experiences so you don’t end up sleeping in your helmet by the Grand Canyon. 

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If you're going to learn camping the hard way, might as well do it with friends. Photo by Spurgeon Dunbar.

Harley wins its biggest-ever copyright crackdown

H-D keeps a close eye on more than 5,000 trademark holdings, which led to recent action against a repeat offender selling unlicensed apparel. In a legal battle with T-shirt company SunFrog, Harley won $19.2 million after SunFrog was found to have deliberately ripped off some of Harley’s designs. Don’t mess with the MoCo.

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Icons will always be copied. Harley employs a team to keep it to a minimum. Harley-Davidson photo.

That's a wrap for this week. Replies to comments may be delayed this weekend, because the Philly spring season finally has spring weather to match. See you again next Friday for another edition of News Cycles.