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News Cycles: April 13, 2018

Apr 13, 2018

Welcome to News Cycles, Common Tread’s roundup of what’s happening on our servers and everywhere else. Every Friday, look for a collection of news, stories, and all things moto from around the web. This week, motorsport madness, (maybe) Honda Monkeys, and Lemmy rides a bike powered by half a Chevy.

Motorsport madness: MotoGP

If you haven’t heard, this was a wild week in MotoGP. How wild, you ask? 

It all started with mixed weather conditions. For those who don’t follow MotoGP, riders need to pick their tires before going out to the grid. Everyone but Jack Miller chose wet-weather tires, but then they all realized Miller made the right choice as the track was drying. When everyone else decided to change, they had to head to the pits, but you can't have all the field but one guy start from pit lane. So officials decided on a three-row gap, which made for ridiculous-looking pictures like this. A messy race resulted in a British rider (Cal Crutchlow) leading the championship for the first time since Barry Sheene. Most controversially, the race saw three-time world champ Marc Marquez penalized three times in one race and using other riders to ping-pong his way toward the front. MotoGP news was full of fallout for the rest of the week in response to the events at Argentina.

Motorsport Madness: Supercross

It rained in Seattle. What a surprise. That created a challenge for organizers of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross race in trying to preserve the track surface. Eli Tomac pulled a win out of the mud-pit conditions at Century Link Field on Saturday, though most riders were just battling to stay upright. Ruts became so deep that riders were dragging footpegs going straight. Chad Reed’s smokebomb finish sums up frustrating night.

Window shopping: MV Agusta Brutale RR America

Odds are, you’re not one of the few waiting to order your Brutale RR America. (And if you are, have we got a helmet for you…) For the rest of us, it doesn’t hurt to look, right? MV Agusta’s been building “America” specials on and off since 1975 and the 2018 Brutale RR might be the boldest yet.

Honda Monkey coming stateside?

The Honda Monkey, also called the Z100 or Z50, was an approachable mini-motorcycle featuring Honda’s bulletproof horizontal single. Sound familiar? The Grom uses much of the same recipe. Honda got the bright idea to bring back the Monkey using the Grom powerplant, and now the Monkey 125 is confirmed for Asia and Europe. I can’t think of a compelling reason not to, but Honda’s still not saying if they’ll be bringing the New Monkey to the States, which makes me feel even worse about not buying a clean Z50 for $50 a few years ago.

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2018 Honda Monkey. Honda photo.

Motochat: Communicate with cagers

Kickstarter’s always a mixed bag. You decide on this one: a display that attaches below your license plate to communicate with drivers behind you. Speak in your helmet, and the text shows up for them to read. THANKS! TURNING! BRAKING! I’m sure you readers can come up with many other things to say to drivers.

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MotoChat photo.

2018 Motus MST and MST-R first ride review

Lemmy heads to Alabama to check out Motus and their exquisite motorcycles. Motus builds the bike around their half-a-small-block-Chevy V-four, and its siren song is hard to resist. Their bikes, the MST and the MST-R, aren’t quite like anything else, and that’s the way Lemmy likes ‘em. 

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Lemmy liked the Motus MST-R enough to ponder the life of crime he'd have to undertake to buy one. Motus photo.

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