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Kawasaki teases something called the Ninja H2

Sep 03, 2014

Kawasaki has launched a teaser site for a new motorcycle set to released later this year, most likely next month at Intermot, in Germany, and is resurrecting the name of one of the beastly 1970s performance bikes that built the company's reputation for providing unruly speed. 

As of today, the site contains two videos, with third scheduled to drop Friday. The first offers exactly zero information, while the second plays the sounds made by a very lovely sounding engine. The most exciting part, besides the unique sound, is the name used for this new bike. The last bike under the H2 moniker was... well, it was bad ass. 

The Kawasaki H2 Mach IV from the early 1970s was powered by a 750cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine, making it one of the fastest bikes of its time, especially in quarter-mile drag-strip runs. The original H2 was one of the motorcycles that established Kawasaki's reputation for speed, but not the sweet handling needed to go with it. Given that background, a new Ninja H2, 40 years later, can only be expected to bring some high performance to the asphalt.

Speculation around the internet is focused on a supercharged engine, in part because Kawasaki showed a supercharged engine at the Tokyo show last year, the company already makes a supercharged Jet Ski, and it has also talked about drawing on the expertise of its aerospace and turbine divisions for the H2.

I'm not sure what to expect, but I would love to see Kawasaki come out with a triple to compete with Yamaha's FZ-09. We may get a few more clues Friday when the next video releases.