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New Triumph release date foiled by meddling dealers with Instagram

Oct 27, 2015

Today I was out on a motorcycle with Spurgeon, shooting his new review. (Hint: It’s orange.)

While we were out, the internet decided to go haywire over new Triumph models. CT staff members were under the impression that tomorrow was when we’d be studying the official press releases and regurgitating new model details. We were wrong. Triumph invited their dealers to London to release new 2016 models today. I guess no one at Triumph HQ realized the internet can be had wirelessly, because it seems like everyone at that meeting was snapping photos and uploading them to Instagram faster than a speeding Bonneville.

Two new engine sizes

900 & 1200 cc models are on the way. Reported torque from the little guy is increased by 18%. The 1200 engine is slated to ship in two flavors: Standard & High Power. Supposedly, these crank out 54 percent and 65 percent more torque, respectively. Likelihood: Extremely high; Triumph has drawn this release out longer than Spurgeon’s last messy breakup.

Via a friend The new Triumph lineup #bonneville #1200 #scrambler #caferacer #racepack #speedtriple #1050

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New models

All new? Replacement? Additions? Who knows? This is internet gossip, so accuracy doesn’t count. We’ve seen the new terms “Bonneville Street Twin,” “Brat Tracker,” and “T120” pop up. Familiar faces include T100, Scrambler, and Thruxton. What’s the difference? Well, it looks like that new T120 has at least 20 more something. I mean, that’s a 20 percent increase of...something. No word yet on the Thruxton H2R model with a proposed factory nitrous kit and quad turbos. Likelihood: Extremely high. New motors go in new models.

Performance parts

Are these stock? Do you have to buy them later? Do gold forks make you go faster? We can’t answer these questions - yet. We’ve seen pictures of a first-ever dual-disc Modern Classic, Öhlins forks, and Vance & Hines exhaust instead of the expected Arrow TOR pieces. Likelihood: Well, we saw pictures…

Via a friend The new Triumph lineup #bonneville #1200 #scrambler #caferacer #racepack #speedtriple #1050

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Big changes

Liquid cooling, six-speed transmissions, ABS, traction control, weight reduction. Likelihood? Mixed bag. The reports of modernities creeping into the Modern Classic range are unconfirmed, but there’s practically no way to make a Bonneville or T100 heavier than it is now.

New Triumph Thruxton R #triumph #thruxton #bonneville #eicma #eicma2015 #ninet

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There you have it, motorcycle fans. All the gossip in one place with just enough IG photos to back up some of the gossip we’re spreading. Stay tuned - you know we’ll have more details for you as we get ‘em. And as a little parting gift, we unearthed a video that had some drool-worthy shots of the new Thruxton. Enjoy!