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MSF grows Adventure Bike RiderCourse

May 03, 2022

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation announces expanded ADV training with their Adventure Bike RiderCourse (ADVRC), a specialized training opportunity for riders seeking essential ADV skills before venturing into the wild. 

The ADVRC is intended for beginners who’ve never dabbed a foot in dirt, although riders looking to brush up on their off-road skills can benefit, too.

The ADVRC takes about half a day of riding and instruction at off-road training courses around the United States. Instructors focus on building skills in reduced traction conditions “with an emphasis on body position and control use specific to off-pavement riding.” Attendees will need their motorcycle endorsement and their own adventure or dual-sport bike. Again, no previous off-road experience is needed, but riders should have some street experience with their motorcycles. The ADVRC does not currently offer loaner ADV bikes for training.

While the MSF plans to further expand its ADVRC training locations, the course is currently available in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida. Georgia, Idaho. Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Interest in ADV and dual-sport riding has jumped in recent years. With the ADVRC, the MSF seeks to educate off-road riders for safer, more enjoyable adventures. I reached out to the nearest ADVRC site, and staff told me the course would cost $425 per rider, and most sessions last four to six hours with an hour for lunch and some breaks throughout. 50/50 tires (or even more off-road biased tires) are recommended, although it is possible to use street-biased tires if necessary. Learn more about the Adventure Bike RiderCourse here.