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Motorcycle hearse lets you go out in style

Apr 12, 2016

The original plan for our next motorcycle review at Common Tread was to test the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse, but Lemmy and Spurgeon got into a huge fight over who got to be the test rider and who had to ride lying down in the coach, and the whole plan fell apart.

The idea of the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse is to bring forward the style of the horse-drawn funeral carriages of an earlier time, only using one of the iron horses that so many of us spend a good portion of our lives on. You went through life on a motorcycle. Why not go out in the same style?

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse
Ride in life, ride into death. Tombstone Hearse photo.

And now let's go to the spec sheet. The hearse is based on a Harley-Davidson Road King with a Champion trike conversion. The gearing is reduced for better pulling power and because most funeral processions aren't in that big a hurry, so top speed is less of a concern. The trike conversion includes some extras, such as the six-speed transmission with reverse. Then Tombstone adds touches of its own, such as the tombstone-shaped LED taillights.

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse coach
The coach is hand-built. Tombstone Hearse photo.

To go with the trike, Tombstone builds its custom coach to be pulled behind, with a fiberglass body on a steel box tube frame and wood decking. Features include chrome wheels, LED lighting both inside and out, and the custom chrome coach lights for turn signals.

The base price for the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse is $89,500, and a wide range of customizing options are available.

If you've been cruising through life, you may appreciate knowing that you can maintain the same style while cruising into the next life. I've seen a young guy posed on his sport bike for his funeral service and an elderly man buried with his 1967 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, so I suppose this is just another way to make a final statement about our devotion to motorcycling.

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse
Bill Simpson Jr., owner of Simpson Family Funeral Homes in Michigan, shows off his new Tombstone hearse. Because each one is hand-built, a variety of custom options are available, such as the etching on the glass of the coach. Simpson Family Funeral Homes photo.

While not every funeral home has a Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse, some of the ones who do are willing to rent it out to colleagues in other cities. So this may be an option for you. They say it's never too soon to begin making your final arrangements... or, in this case, planning your final ride.