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Meet GUS, the Grom Utility Sidecar

Apr 11, 2019

Roll up to a bike event with a sidecar or a Grom, and you’re bound to get some attention. A sidecar and a Grom? You’d better like talking to people.

Tyler Haynes of Industrial Moto now offers a sidecar kit ($1,600.00 to $1,920.00) for the Grom, called Project GUS. That’s “Grom Utility Sidecar” and I’m all for it.

Grom Utility Sidecar
Ready for the weekend. Industrial Moto photo.

While a side-hack Grom won’t be able to hang with the fastest guys in your Grom squad, Honda does fit their little 125 with passenger pegs, so it’s not like the stock bike is limited to carrying just a rider. Note the GUS setup's had its passenger pegs removed. The mighty Honda isn't made to move three...

Grom Utility Sidecar
The matched wheels make GUS look almost factory. Industrial Moto photo.

In exchange for the weight penalty, Industrial Moto provides their rad sidecar setup with a range of options and upgrades, “designed to bolt directly to your Grom for easy install and removal.” The sidecar doesn’t add a third brake, which keeps things simple. (Make sure your Grom’s braking system is good to go before adding more weight or a passenger.)

Grom Utility Sidecar
Lights can be added to the sidecar for better visibility (and looks). Industrial Moto photo.

Industrial Moto starts with their steel chassis and adds independent suspension, powdercoat in your choice of color, and a wheel that fits right in with the Grom’s factory alloys (adjustable for toe in/out). The GUS rig comes stock with D-rings, a cargo net, and clamps for packing up the essentials for your Grom expedition. Options include an LED headlight ($100) and a small passenger seat with grab rail ($220). 

Grom Utility Sidecar
"Hop in!" Industrial Moto photo.

Does the world need a Grom sidecar? Probably n-, wait, yeah, it does. Parades, local camping, super pit bike, grocery getter, taking your kid around the yard, flying the chair with your buddies… the GUS isn’t the most practical thing out there, but it sure looks like fun. Isn’t that the whole Grom concept anyway? We’ll let you know if Stinky mounts one up.