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Italian theme park to add Ducati World attraction

Nov 28, 2017

Motorcycle manufacturers have tried a variety of tactics to grab the interest of the general public. Maybe taking them on a roller coaster ride will work.

Ducati issued a joint announcement with Parques Reunidos, a major theme park company, that an eight-acre area called Ducati World will be built within Mirabilandia, which is the second-largest theme park in Italy and located not far from Ducati headquarters. Mirabilandia already has a roller coaster where riders sit in something resembling a Formula One car, so a Ducati motorcycle has to be even better, right?

In addition to the roller coaster, there will be simulators and virtual reality displays, plus activities for children. Naturally, there will also be a showroom displaying Ducati and Scrambler motorcycles, plus a store selling apparel and merchandise and a themed restaurant.

“We are very proud to host a brand such as Ducati in our park since it represents passion and adrenaline for most of the Italians,” said Riccardo Marcante, General Manager of Mirabilandia. “These are values which properly describe the experience our visitors live every day inside the park.”

Of course that raises the question of whether Ducati World will introduce non-riders to the allure of motorcycles or whether it will be preaching to the already converted choir, right in the heart of Italy's so-called Motor Valley, near car and motorcycle factories and museums. The project is expected to open in 2019.