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Husqvarna's plans for street bikes start with the Vitpilen concept

Sep 01, 2016

The Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen concept bikes were such a hit at the 2014 EICMA show, the company said they'd put them into production for 2017. Now, British publication MCN is reporting that they've been given a look at the bikes at Kiska Design in Austria.

MCN reports the lineup will begin with the Vitpilen 401 and 125 models, using engines from the KTM Duke 390 and Duke 125. The Vitpilen 701, using the engine from the KTM Duke 690, will follow later and MCN was told that would only be the beginning of the line with other models to come.

MCN's report says the designers are trying as hard as possible to be true to the minimalist, retro-inspired style of the concept bikes while still meeting road safety and emissions standards in Europe.

What set the Husqvarna concept bikes apart, and made them so popular, in my opinion, was their purposeful, stripped-down style. There's clearly a lot of enthusiasm for this style of bike, which pays homage to retro themes without trying to mimic the past. Think more Yamaha XSR900 and less Triumph Thruxton. They don't look like bikes from the past. They look like bikes from a future where designers remember the past.

Eventually, plans call for Husqvarna to have a full line of street bikes using KTM engines, but that goal is several years away. The popular Vitpilen concept is a great place to start.