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Common Tread

Honda issues a press release about a video about a motorcycle

Sep 13, 2017

Honda just sent out a press release announcing a new launch, but not the launch of a new motorcycle, car, or ATV/UTV.

Instead, the press release announced the launch of a five-part video series. In turn, the videos will announce an upcoming new motorcycle model. The first video went live a few days ago. Lemmy already commented about the increasingly cryptic nature of teaser videos, and this one follows that trend.

I love the idea in theory. Using videos to attract a new audience to one’s brand... Where have I seen this before?

On one hand, these videos are clearly well produced and work hard to elicit emotion from their audience. They depict folks having fun on motorcycles and they do a good job of portraying motorcyclists as everyday people like you and me. It’s almost as if this is Honda’s modern-day equivalent to the famous “You meet the nicest people…” campaign.

But who is Honda marketing these videos toward? It’s on the home page of their website, and they’ve clearly put money into producing this video, but who is going to see it?

Yeah, I found the video on their YouTube page, but only after digging through a backlog of videos. Why isn’t this promoted right up front? Is there going to be a shorter version cut for mainstream television? (Note: By “mainstream television” I do not mean buried on select gearhead channels.) Honda needs to complete the circle. What are they going to do to get actual eyes on this new series of videos? 

Honda Teaser Video

If they can garner the views, the question remains: Will this work? Will people watch this video and genuinely get excited about what is in store from Honda? Will it inspire you to buy a motorcycle or at the very least get out and ride your existing bike?

Personally, I found more inspiration from Honda’s home page and their partnership with Rever. It appears that they are working with the motorcycle mapping app to announce eight different rides across America that you can download and travel. I like this idea. They are supporting their audience by motivating them with pre-planned routes designed with motorcyclists in mind. Personally, I am already considering some of the routes winding through the New England area.

But what about the bike?

Remember, the focus of this video is supposed to be a new model release. After watching, does anyone have any idea what model I am supposed to excited to learn about based on these random series of clips?

I have a guess.

Honda Teaser Video

Notice the opposed cylinder heads on the only vintage bike in this entire video? That’s an original Gold Wing. If I were a betting man, I would expect that this is the first in a series of videos announcing the release of a new version of Honda’s flagship touring bike.

Am I right? I'll be flying out to California toward the end of October to cover the release of a new motorcycle from Honda, so we will all find out then.