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Honda reaches 300 million motorcycles

Nov 25, 2014

More than 65 years after it produced its first motorcycle, Honda has announced that it has built 300 million of these things we love to ride.

Officially, the 300 millionth Honda was a Gold Wing, but as impressive as the company's flagship luxury tourer may be, you don't achieve sales in the millions by building motorcycles that cost more than $20,000. Those kinds of numbers come from selling lots of affordable small bikes in places like Indonesia, India and Brazil.

Honda issued the graphic below to mark the milestones along the way to 300 million. The stat that stood out to me? While it took 48 years to build the first 100 million, the second 100 million were built in 11 years and the third 100 million in just six years. At that rate, expect an announcement of half a billion not too far down the road.

Honda Timeline
Honda graphic.