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Honda CB300R coming to the United States as a 2019 model

Apr 05, 2018

One of the models that got the most attention at the EICMA show last fall was the Honda CB1000R, the production version of its Neo Sports Café concept bike. Honda also announced plans for a 300 and 150 version of the stylish bike, but we thought we'd probably never get the smaller displacement models on this side of the pond.

Well, consider me pleasantly surprised because Honda has announced that the CB300R is coming to the U.S. market as a 2019 model. Honda says it will be available in July at a price of $4,649 without ABS and $4,949 with ABS.

That means the R slots in beside the CBR300R and the outgoing CB300F in the Honda lineup. It also makes the neo-retro R the most expensive of the 300s, but you do get something for the extra money, in addition to the style. The new CB300R will have a 41 mm inverted fork that, at least in looks, is more upscale than the one on the full-fairing, sporty CBR300R. You also get four-piston Nissin front brakes, LED lights and an LCD display.

Honda CB300R
The CB300R will be available in the "Chromosphere Red" shown at top and the "Matte Gray Metallic" seen here. Honda photo.

With a claimed weight of 313 pounds (317 with ABS) and a seat height of 31.5 inches, this should be an accessible bike. 

The CB300R also has a more unique look than the CB300F. 

The significance here, in my opinion, is Honda's ongoing commitment to offering accessible, affordable street options. This means that this summer your Honda dealer will have as many as seven street-legal options that are under 300 cc in size and easily under $5,000 in price. Add that to the new Kawasaki Ninja 400 and its competitors, and there haven't been as many good sub-400 cc choices since I was a new rider. And believe me, today's 300s are miles better than the CB360 I learned on.