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Honda all but confirms a new Gold Wing with latest video release

Oct 10, 2017

Honda just released a second video in the five-part series they originally teased almost a month ago.

As far as videos go, it’s well done. It’s a great historical look back at different snapshots in time across the American touring scene — as long as the snapshots include a Gold Wing. Despite the fact that the video is titled “Beyond the Standard,” it is clear that this is a historical look at Honda’s iconic long-haul touring machine.

When Honda released the first video in the series, titled “Discover What Lies Beyond,” I speculated that we were seeing a video teasing a new, updated Gold Wing. While some of our readers agreed with me, more than a few lit up our comments section speculating on possible alternatives. Some thought it was going to be a new cruiser while others felt we were witnessing an update to the NC700X. Even Lemmy wasn’t convinced I was correct.

Then, while Lem, Lance, and I were in Ohio, reporting on the AIMExpo, press outlets overseas leaked photos of what they claimed was the new Gold Wing. The three of us went back and forth on the legitimacy of the photos and in the end we decided they were too authentic looking to ignore.

2018 Honda Gold Wing sneak peak
Tell me that you still don't think that Honda is releasing a new Gold Wing. Honda image.

Now, we get this video which is a nearly two-minute homage to the Gold Wing. The closing scene of the video includes the following message, "43 years and millions of miles later, we can't stop wondering what lies beyond," thus completing the message teased in the first video. In addition to the video, Honda unveiled a landing page that is dedicated to the Wing, complete with a historical timeline.

For those who are still not convinced that we are going to see a new Gold Wing from Honda at the end of the month, I would love to hear your opposing thoughts. As for me, I am still accepting bets, but this is looking to be damn close to a sure thing at this point.