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Highside/Lowside: What's your dream ADV motorcycle?

Nov 25, 2020

“Under 400 pounds. Over 200 miles per tank. Under $10,000. Over 50 horsepower. Under warranty for at least two years. Over 175W of working excess electrical capacity.” A typical “dream ADV bike” discussion has more overs and unders than a sports bar and a gun shop in the same strip mall.

There are as many different kinds of adventure riding as there are adventure riders, and thankfully, the robust adventure aftermarket can help most riders adapt an existing model into their perfect mount. Other ADV enthusiasts find themselves making compromises or going full-custom to get their adventure on. It’s a compelling conversation, and that’s why Spurgeon, Zack, and Joe are talking ADV dream bikes on this week’s episode of Highside / Lowside. All three have their own opinions and preferences when riding ADV, plus a wealth of knowledge on the subject, so sit back and enjoy the dulcet tones of our three hosts arguing with each other for an hour.

The floor is open: What’s your dream adventure motorcycle? Does it already exist? Or do your specifications require an entirely new design?

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