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For sale: original Dumb & Dumber minibike

Feb 15, 2018

Some people just aren't cut out for life on the road.

Those who are might want to check out this eBay auction for the original minibike from the 1994 classic Dumb & Dumber.

Maybe you’ve paid too much for motorcycles in the past. Maybe you upset a spouse by not talking about all expenditures, or maybe you don’t have a motorcycle at all and feel left out. Fear not: for $35,000 (and climbing!), you could buy Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne’s pull-start minibike and, in Harry’s words, “totally redeem yourself.” Sure, you’d be a little beyond the “dollar-per-cc” rule of thumb some use for beat-up bikes, but don’t forget: This hog gets a claimed 70 miles to the gallon.

Probably not the dumbest way to spend $35,000... but probably not the smartest, either. Photo from auction listing.

Filming Dumb & Dumber with the lil' hog. Photo from auction listing.

The auction’s description explains that art director and production designer Sydney J. Bartholomew, Jr. created two minibikes for the film. One went to Planet Hollywood, and the other was given to Dumb & Dumber’s transportation director, Gordie Merrick, who sold it to the current owner. The auction bike was used for close-up scenes with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, and the owner spent the last year restoring the bike to original condition. 

In addition to some spare parts and a fresh rebuild, this Aspen express comes with a helmet, bag, and briefcase to emulate the bike’s famous road scenes. Extra gloves not included, apparently. No title, either, but it does come with a signed and notarized certificate of authenticity from the original owner. 

The auction ends on Sunday, so there are only a few days left. With 100 bids on it already, expect to see some serious action over the weekend. You can try sending him a message, but I doubt the seller will accept a briefcase full of IOUs or trade it for a van.