Common Tread

Five questions with Sarah Lahalih

Jun 16, 2014

When Sarah Lahalih dropped in to visit for ZLA Live, we knew we'd barely scratched the surface of the moto-wisdom this woman had to offer. She holds every motorcycle safety instructor certification known to humankind, teaches members of the U.S. armed forces to be better and safer riders, races on everything from road courses to the Bonneville Salt Flats, and she's a roving ambassador for Triumph.

So we asked to steal a little more time from her packed agenda and she generously agreed to answer a few more questions.

Lahalih-Wood, Sarah Lahalih's custom Scrambler.

1. Other than "Lahalih-Wood," your custom Scrambler with the wood tail section, describe the dream bike you wish Triumph would build. It can be a will-never-happen dream, but it can't be a flying bike.

I would like to see an electric motorcycle from Triumph, and it is not so far-fetched.

Sarah Lahalih competed in a Thruxton Cup race earlier this month at Road America. Photo by Nathaniel Salzman.

2. You've done club roadracing, Thruxton Cup and top-speed runs at Bonneville. What other kind of racing do you dream of trying?

Ice racing is at the top of my list. Next in line would be mini-bike racing. Small bikes produce more giggles per mile than anything else.​

3. If you were going to ride across the country tomorrow, who would you most like to ride with and why?

​Alan Cathcart, friend, syndicated moto-journalist, champion roadracer, world land speed record holder and the best storyteller I know.​

4. Name one thing that an experienced motorcycle rider, racer and trainer such as yourself still has trouble with.

I've come up with some of my best ideas under the influence of my motorcycle. However, sometimes they come at the expense of occasionally losing focus​ while riding.

5. If you could give riders just one sentence of advice to keep them safe, what would it be and why?

Treat your riding like a job, not a hobby, even if it is a hobby. Nothing can substitute for skill. Seek formal training. I will forever be an advocate of training, because I have seen the benefits of it first-hand​. It's proven.