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Airborne justice or just fun? Dubai police show off flying motorcycle

Oct 13, 2017

Less than 48 hours ago the police force in Dubai released a video tweet of a flying motorcycle. This is some real Marty McFly-level shit right here.

According to reports out of Europe, this “hoverbike” was built by the Russian firm Hoversurf. The oversized drone-looking device can be piloted remotely or manually by a human “rider.” It can handle payloads up to 660 pounds and travel at speeds up to 40 mph for about 25 minutes.

Police in Dubai argue that it can help officers avoid traffic to get to emergency situations faster than fighting traffic on the ground. There is also the possibility to airlift injured people out of tight situations where it might be difficult to pilot a helicopter.

Dubai Police Force Flying Hoverbike
The latest pursuit vehicle in the Dubai Police Department. Dubai Police photo.

Regardless of how this is intended to be used, I want to get my hands on this thing for Common Tread's "scientific" testing purposes. This looks like it has the potential to be a stupid amount of fun. Forget McFly’s hoverboard, I want one of these.