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Unobtainium squared: BMW releases details on its HP4 Race

Apr 20, 2017

So here's my plan:

If everyone who reads Common Tread this week sends in $1, and we can figure out which strings we need to pull and somehow get our name on the right list, we'll buy one of the 750 HP4 Race models BMW plans to build. That's just 750 for the entire world, at a price around $85,000ish, if you must ask.

Then I'll get former AMA Superbike Champion Miguel Duhamel out of retirement to ride it, have ZLA cameraman Ryan put a GoPro in front of him, push Miguel's "talk" button and the result will be gold.

BMW HP4 Race
No compromises were made for the street on the BMW HP4 Race. This is purely a track bike. BMW photo.

Why Duhamel? Have you seen the guy ride? Have you heard the guy talk? It's the two things he's best at. And he's retired, so maybe he's available. I won't even ride it myself. Far less capable motorcycles are sufficient to make me feel inadequate.

BMW HP4 Race
Only 750 of the BMW HP4 Race models are being built. BMW photo.

Back to reality

OK, so none of that is going to happen (NOTE: Please don't send me $1!), especially the part about us getting our name on that super-exclusive list of 750. So instead, let's look at the BMW HP4 Race from a distance, our snotty little noses smearing up the display window glass alongside all the other little people.

BMW announced this model last year at the EICMA show. If an S 1000 RR isn't enough for you, and the limited edition HP4 still isn't exclusive enough, BMW now has the HP4 Race. BMW revealed full information about the motorcycle yesterday at the Shanghai Auto Show.

To sum up, what you're getting here is a track bike that's slightly lighter than a World Superbike race bike. You're getting 215 horsepower to propel 378 fully fueled pounds. You're getting trick bits such as adjustable swingarm pivot and adjustable steering head angle. You get lightweight everything, from the carbon fiber frame and wheels to the titanium valves and the aluminum fuel tank. You get bragging rights like the rest of us can't even imagine.

BMW HP4 Race dash
All business: tachometer, lap timer, electronics settings. BMW photo.
You're also totally out of excuses if you can't get around the track faster than your riding buddies, too. Just warning you. Oh, and you'll need to buy that pricey race gas. But I guess that shouldn't pose a financial hardship for HP4 Race owners.

BMW HP4 Race frame
The frame is one piece of carbon fiber and weighs 17 pounds. BMW photo.

Really, I don't know what else to say about excess like this, so I'm just going to marvel at the spec sheet and leave it at that.

BMW HP4 Race
Engine Inline-four-cylinder, 16 valves, double overhead cams
Displacement 999 cc
Bore x stroke 80 mm x 49.7 mm
Power 215 horsepower at 13,900 rpm
Frame Carbon fiber monocoque with adjustable swingarm pivot and steering head 
Front suspension Öhlins FGR 300 fork, adjustable rebound and compression damping, adjustable preload, Öhlins SD052 adjustable steering damper
Rear suspension Öhlins TTX 36 GP central spring strut, adjustable rebound and compression damping, adjustable preload, adjustable top spring strut pivot point, adjustable spring strut deflection
Travel (front/rear) 5.1 inches/4.7 inches
Wheelbase 56.7 inches
Steering head angle 65.5 degrees (adjustable in +/- 0.5- or 1.0-degree steps)
Front wheel Carbon fiber, 3.5 inches x 17 inches
Rear wheel Carbon fiber, 6 inches x 17 inches
Front tire 120/70ZR 17 Pirelli Diabolo Superbike Slick SC2
Rear tire 200/60ZR 17 Pirelli Diabolo Superbike Slick SC2
Front brake Brembo Racing twin floating 320 mm discs with four-piston monobloc
WSBK GP4-PR fixed caliper with titanium pistons
Rear brake Brembo Racing single 220 mm disc with four-piston WSBK fixed caliper with titanium pistons
Wet weight 378 pounds