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BMW tests the water with the "Concept 101" bagger

May 26, 2015

BMW has enlisted Roland Sands to help unveil the new BMW F6B... I mean Concept 101.

The Concept 101, which BMW tells us was named after both its 101-cubic-inch (1,649 cc) engine and the fact that the design studio is located off Highway 101 (no, I don't know why that's important either), is the German company's take on an American-style bagger. Apparently, enough time has passed since the R 1200 C for BMW executives to think of something cruiserish without having unpleasant flashbacks.

To help launch the bike, BMW had the very original idea of enlisting the help of Roland Sands and shooting a video, showing Roland looking at design sketches and then working with leather in a barn somewhere. OK, so I may have tuned out for a second or not been paying much attention, but that voice-over really lulled me into a daze.

Aesthetically, the 101 is quite nice, though I have little hope the brushed aluminum or wooden side panels would make it onto a production model.

BMW hasn't released anything in terms of specs, besides the fact that the Concept 101 is built on the frame and the motor from the K 1600 tourer, which is enough to tell you it should ride fantastically. It looks like a hipster, German version of the Honda Goldwing F6B, which is a great bike.

Check out the gallery for more shots. You can bet I'll be keeping an eye out for more specs or pricing information.