Honda Bulldog: The Ruckus gets a big brother

It looks like Honda has chosen the Osaka Motorcycle Show to unveil all sorts of goodies. First, we had the CRF250 Rally Concept, and now this. 

Honda is calling the Bulldog Concept a "Lovable Touring Partner," because of its go-anywhere nature and easy-riding accessibility.

Honda Bulldog

The Bulldog is powered by a 400 cc parallel twin, rides on super-wide 15-inch wheels, and has a 28-inch seat height. With small racks on the front and rear and storage in the compartment next to the gas tank, this thing would be perfect for running quick errands or anyone who just wanted to ride around town, be it a major metropolitan city or tiny rural village.

Honda Bulldog

The chance of this hitting our shores are next to none because it will likely be priced just slightly too high for people who would buy it for the novelty and it doesn't fit American riding styles like it will Asian riding culture, which is a shame because I can think of nothing better to ride to, and then on, the beach. 

Honda Bulldog

If this and the CRF250 Rally get put into production, I may be moving to Japan.

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