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Are you cool enough to buy a Scrambler Italia Independent?

Dec 11, 2015

Should you buy a Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent?

With just 1,077 of these special motorcycles being made, they are clearly not for everyone. Just to make that more obvious, this collaborative effort between Ducati and the so-very-stylish Italia Independent eyewear company was unveiled at the Art Basel contemporary art exhibition in Miami this week, not in some garage or mundane meeting room.

Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent
The Scrambler Italia Independent limited edition. Ducati photo.

All of which may lead you to wonder: Am I cool enough to own this fine Italian motorbike? At Common Tread, we are here to help. We have prepared this simple five-question quiz that you can take in the privacy of your own home to determine if you are Scrambler Italia Independent material.

When you are in the mood to hang out with like-minded fellow riders, you go to:
A: The new DIY motorcycle workshop in town.
B: The local Bike Night in the parking lot of the BBQ joint.
C: An art exhibit.

Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent unveiling
These Ducati and Italia Independent executives are cool enough to wear sunglasses at night. Ducati photo.
The last time you wore sunglasses in a dark room was:
A: Back in high school, when your friend who was a would-be director convinced you to help him make a music video.
B: That time years ago when, after a “youthful indiscretion,” you thought that strange guy at the bar might have been an FBI agent and may have been scanning the crowd for you.
C: Last night, and the night before, because you’re one of the few people cool enough to pull off something like that.

The thought of your motorcycle not perfectly matching your Italian sunglasses:
A: Never occurs to you because you are always wearing your Schuberth with the flip-down sun visor when you ride.
B: Never occurs to you, because you have these badass cruiser goggles you bought at a swap meet.
C: Brings back traumatic childhood memories of the time Mamere took you to the polo club wearing a no-name shirt when you were six and the humiliation still stings.

Ducati designed the Scrambler to make it easy to change the look to suit the owner. Various appearance parts can easily be swapped. Considering this form of “customization,” you:
A: Immediately wonder how many horsepower you could gain with a Power Commander and a pipe.
B: Snort derisively and mutter “That ain’t custom” as you go back to the garage to weld up some parts for the basket case you’re building.
C: Can’t imagine that the first step of any customization is not flying in a team of designers and mechanics from Bologna.

Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent
Are Ducati's publicity photos of the bike intended to mimic the experience of looking at it through dark sunglasses? Ducati photo.

Ducati has not announced the price of this limited edition motorcycle. To you, the price:
A: Is something you’d have to consider before buying any motorcycle.
B: Is too much, unless it’s less than a case of beer.
C: Is of no importance to anyone except your accountant, and he just needs a number so he knows how much to wire from the Caymans account.

I think you get the idea. If most of your answers were A, you’re probably a serious motorcyclist, but maybe not right for a Scrambler Italia Independent. If most of your answers were B, please check the name embroidered on your shirt and make sure it does not say “Lemmy.” If you chose the C answers, you have my blessing to buy a Scrambler Italia Independent. It’ll look great in the upstairs den.