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2022 Energica Experia first look

May 31, 2022

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica just pulled the wraps off their first sport-touring model. It’s called the Experia, and Energica claims it has the longest range and fastest charging time of any electric motorcycle on the market. How’s a range of 261 city/130 highway and a charge time of 40 minutes (0-80 percent at Level 3) sound to you?

While sport-touring motorcyclists on ICE machines might balk at those figures, the Experia “Green Tourer” represents a big step forward for Energica’s line, which only included nakeds and faired sport bikes before this new model.

Energica Experia
The Experia will be one of the only options for electric riders seeking to cover longer distances. Energica photo.

Energica chose to debut the bike at the FIM MotoE World Cup race in Mugello — a fitting place for an introduction, since Energica is the sole supplier of MotoE race bikes, though Ducati takes over that role beginning next year. Its sport-tourer is a little less spicy at a claimed peak power of 102 horsepower (claimed 80 sustained horsepower) and 85 foot-pounds of torque. Top speed is limited to 112 mph.

The Experia is the company’s “vision of comfort and endurance... the most nimble and maneuverable machine Energica has ever made, allowing riders to tap into their wanderlust.” This new model kicks off a new platform with different geometry and bodywork from previous Energica models, plus an updated Synchronous Reluctance motor and 22.5 kWh battery (19.6 kWh nominal) sitting low in the frame. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3/DC charging are all built in, as with other Energicas, backing the company's claim as the only manufacturer offering all three charging modes. The motor is water-cooled and 22 pounds lighter than Energica’s last-gen powertrains. Three regen settings and four rider modes come standard with another three custom modes open to customer preferences.

Energica Experia
The Experia features Energica's latest tech and customizability. Energica photo.

Energica added some sport-touring staples to make the most of the Experia’s range. Aerodynamic bodywork also offers some weather protection, and the bike offers 112 liters of storage between the top box and side cases. These cases are included with the initial run of Launch Edition Experias. Safety equipment includes six levels of traction control and Cornering eABS (Bosch 9.3 MP).

One spec conspicuously absent so far is the weight. We don't know how heavy are the batteries that are needed to give the Experia its range.

Energica Experia
Energica's stylists added a sporty edge to the Experia's bodywork. Energica photo.

“We have focused on the real-world needs of motorcycle riders worldwide, creating an ex-novo state-of-the-art engineering platform,” said Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company. “We melded high-tech electric mobility with the roaming spirit of the motorcycle traveler.  The intention was to create the first electric motorcycle created specifically for long-distance bike lovers."

Electric motorcycle adoption in the United States has been sporadic, with some major manufacturers neglecting the market entirely. Energica’s established commitment to a 100 percent electric lineup of full-size street motorcycles places it in an emerging Electric Big Three with Zero and LiveWire. No other manufacturer has yet tackled the electric sport-touring segment yet. However, that hasn’t stopped ambitious electric riders from completing cross-country rides. One diehard rider even managed an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 on a modified Zero S. Breaking the long-distance barrier could revolutionize the electric motorcycle industry, and the Experia shows that Energica has its eyes on the prize.

Energica Experia
Will the "Volty-Strada" catch on? Energica photo.

The big question is whether the "roaming spirit of motorcycle traveler" will be content riding 100 miles, waiting 40 minutes for a charge, and then doing it again — and planning trips around the availability of charging stations. As Jen pointed out in her recent report on living with a LiveWire ONE, going any distance on an electric motorcycle takes planning.

Energica Experia motorcycles will be available for orders starting June 1, 2022 at all Energica dealers. Experias are currently in production, and orders will arrive starting in fall of 2022. Learn more at