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2018 New Year's moto resolutions

Dec 27, 2017

What’s your 2018 New Year’s moto resolution?

If you’re still undecided, here’s some inspiration. In addition to a core group of Zillans, we asked small, semi-random sampling of other friends of ZLA and motorcyclists of note to tell us their resolutions, goals or plans for the coming year. From the famous to the unknown, from the influential to the lowest-ranking new guy on the Common Tread team, here’s what they had to say.

Andy Greaser is the New Guy at Common Tread, and because he’s bubbling over with New Guy enthusiasm, he has two resolutions.

First, organize a moto event before 2018 is through. If grassroots moto events are so great, I should do more than write about them. I haven’t decided on any specific idea yet, so I’m open to suggestions.

project bike
Can this pile of parts be a running motorcycle by July 4? Photo by Johnny Greaser.

My second resolution is a project bike. My 1965 Honda S90 has been languishing in my attic for a year after my brother gifted me its carcass (read: a frame and a seized engine) for Christmas. The goal: put the bike in a Fourth of July parade. If it runs, I’ll ride it. If the engine isn’t done, I’ll Fred Flintstone it. And if I let you all down and don’t even get wheels for it, I’ll tape a flag to the parts box and carry it. S90 Fourth of July is happening, no exceptions.

Mark Gardiner is the most experienced rider contributing to Common Tread, but there’s always room to expand the portfolio.

My resolution is to ride the Trans-America Trail across the United States from coast to coast, off-road. A plausible route's been mapped out (and ridden many times) by more intrepid explorers than I. Still, actually doing it presents two big challenges if you're Mark Gardiner. Challenge #1: Ever since I hit my head really hard that one time, I've had a very poor sense of direction and the TAT obviously places a premium on nav skills. Challenge #2: Most of my “off-road” rides have happened when I accidentally left a paved surface at very high speed, and they've usually ended in painful crashes. Novice trail rider, poor directional skills, mountain lions. What could go wrong?

Spurgeon wants to shave five full seconds on his lap time in 2018. Photo by

Spurgeon has never been known for setting one goal when four or five will do. Has he taken on more than he can handle for 2018?

It's going to be hard to top 2017 but damned if I'm not going to try. I resolve to try everything in my power to survive a full year of abusing my new KTM 1090 Adventure R. I resolve to actually get this damned old 1976 Honda CB550 running and finally prove Lemmy wrong. I resolve to finally make it out to RawHyde Adventure School. I resolve to shave five seconds off of my best lap time on Thunderbolt at New Jersey Motorsports Park. I resolve to tackle even more adventures and make even more friends. Even if I only hit half of these, 2018 will be a great year.

Lemmy wants to set a new personal best lap time on the flat track. Seems like merely getting on a real motorcycle would make that a very achievable goal. RevZilla photo.

Lemmy also has a lap time in his resolution, but unlike Spurgeon, his is on dirt, not asphalt.

This year, I am going to ride more, become a better wrench, and improve my riding. Then again, I resolve to do those things far more often than annually. Also, I want to knock 1.1 seconds off my lap time at the track this year.

Joanne Donn
Joanne Donn still has more eastern roads to explore. Photo by Joanne Donn.

Joanne “Gearchic” Donn, ZLA gear expert and transplant from California, has more roads to explore.

A week of riding by myself, most likely on the East Coast, to visit states I haven't visited yet. For some reason, moving east has made me far more open to the idea of traveling solo. I'm excited to visit people I haven't met and see places I haven't seen in 2018. So, who wants to meet up?

Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb's goal for 2018 is a championship. Yamaha photo.

Cooper Webb, a multi-time champ in the 250 class in Supercross and motocross, is gunning for a title in his second year on a 450 with the Monster Energy/Knich/Yamaha Factory Racing team.

My New Year's Resolution, first and foremost, is to win a championship! The team and I have been working very hard and not only do I want to win it for me personally, but I want to bring the team a premier class title, as well. I’m working hard every day and leaving no stone unturned to make sure we get it done.

Chris Fillmore set the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb motorcycle record in 2017 (see the photo at top) and doesn’t plan to stop there.

As a professional motorcycle racer transitioning into a more traditional career for KTM media relations and helping to manage KTM's national road race projects, my New Year’s resolution is really more of an everyday life goal, and that is simply to ride more. Dirt bikes, ADV touring, street bikes, mountain bikes, surfboards – I really enjoy it all. As for 2018 racing goals, the biggest one is attempting to take the Middleweight course record at Pikes Peak on the brand new KTM 790 Duke. It’s still in the planning process, but it would be exciting if it came together!

Unnamed pro roadracer on a factory team (we know he was joking, so we’ll spare him the embarrassment of naming him).

Smoke less weed and only drink one six-pack per night.

Jack Broomall at Bonneville
Jack Broomall at a land-speed run at Bonneville a few years back. Photo provided by Jack Broomall.

Jack Broomall, Bonneville racer and friend of ZLA, has big plans for 2018.

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to complete the restoration of my 1963 125 cc Moto Morini and then, in July, compete in (and hopefully finish) the 32nd annual Milano-Taranto vintage bike rally in Italy. Did I mention that the bike is some 4,100 miles away, in a shop in Milan? Restoration at a distance! The nearly 1,000-mile rally, from Milan in the north to Taranto in the south, which commemorates the epic over-the-road races of the 1940s and '50s, is absolutely the best way to see the entirety of Italy in just a few short days.

Justin Barcia faces a key moment in his career in 2018, filling in for the injured Davi Millsaps in Supercross after three winless years.

My New Year's resolution is to get back to my old “BamBam” ways, always be positive and happy no matter the situation, and most of all, get my Yamaha on the podium!

Sisters Centennial Ride
A lap around the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course was a short detour on the cross-country Sisters Centennial Ride. Photo by Lance Oliver.

Alisa Clickenger, organizer of the Sisters Centennial Ride, is working on her next big cross-country project.

My New Year's Resolution is to truly commit to my passion for motorcycles. Motorcycling has made me aware of who I am and what is important. I am determined to bring more riders into the sport while supporting and encouraging female riders to follow their dreams, hopefully on two wheels! In 2018, I fully dedicate myself to building the Suffragist Centennial Motorcycle Ride (SCMR2020) into the motorcycle industry's most influential ride in 2020.

Chris Force, Common Tread contributor and ADV noob.

Every year I fail to make resolutions — except for those about motorcycling. In the past I’ve pledged to ride cross country, ride in Asia, and ride in the dirt. This year I’ve set a goal to take a proper off-road riding class (here’s why I need it). I’ve got my eye on Johnny Lewis’ new facility in Florida, as well as Jim Hyde’s course in Colorado.

AMCA ride
The AMCA believes antique motorcycles are for riding, not just for looking at. Photo by Bill Andrews.

Keith Kizer is executive director of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, which is not just about preserving old machines, but also getting them out and enjoying them.

My wish for 2018 is to increase the exposure of antique motorcycles through chapter expansion around the globe. AMCA is creating Associate Chapters in an effort to get people riding old motorcycles, not storing them. As we say in our world, "Ride 'em, don't hide 'em."

And finally, me, Lance Oliver, managing editor of Common Tread and the person in danger of becoming the most boring member of this entire group.

My resolution is to buy a motorcycle. Such a simple thing, right? Lemmy does it about once a month, Spurgeon once a year. Somehow, I have now gone more than seven years with the same three rides in my garage — the longest period without buying or selling a motorcycle in my riding lifetime. Despite getting to ride new bikes now and then at the occasional press intro when Spurgeon and Lemmy are busy in front of the cameras, or borrowing a ZLA loaner bike, that’s still pretty boring behavior and shows a lack of imagination. So, this year, I aim to make a change in the lineup. Will it be that electric motorcycle for all my short-range duties or something newish that’s appropriate for those 500-mile rides to ZLA HQ? We’ll see.